Morning Joe Hosts Boast That Their Fawning Interview Humanized The “Demonized” Koch Brothers

Mika Brzezinski: “We Worked For About Two Years To Get That Interview ... They Have Been Burned By The Media And So Misunderstood”

From the November 4 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH: A lot of people yesterday, Willie, were looking at it going, what you've been saying all along. What you were saying, like, five years ago. These people are not the cartoon characters that you make them out to be.

WILLIE GEIST: Yeah, and I think they're doing themselves a favor over the last few weeks, going out with this book and being on TV and showing who they are.

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: That they're multidimensional.

GEIST: I mean, there are people who still aren't going to like them and where they spend their money, and that's their right not to like them, but they're not the boogeymen that they've been made --

BRZEZINKSI: No. And there are certainly issues that we questioned them on, that a lot of people have questions about, but there are so many other aspects to their character that I think they have been demonized. It was fascinating. We worked for about two years to get that interview because they are so -- quite frankly, they have been burned by the media and so misunderstood that they didn't want to ever do an interview together. 


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