Morning Joe highlights how a 30-year resident of the US was deported under Trump immigration policy 

Mika Brzezinski: Jorge Garcia “said goodbye to his wife and two teenage children … [He] says he has no criminal record [and] pays his taxes every year.”

From the January 16 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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MIKA BRZEZINSKI (CO-HOST): It's an undocumented Mexican immigrant, who has called the United States his home for 30 years, deported yesterday. The emotional scene unfolded at a security gate in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport as Jorge Garcia, accompanied by two Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents, said goodbye to his wife and two teenage children. The Detroit Free Press reports that 39-year-old Garcia was brought to the U.S. by a family member when he was ten years old, and though he was facing an order of removal, since 2009 he received stays to remain in the U.S. under the Obama administration. However, due to the Trump administration's immigration crackdown, Garcia was ordered to return to Mexico last November. Garcia, who has his supporters, says he has no criminal record, pays his taxes every year, too old to qualify to stay in the U.S. under DACA, which only applies to undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. born after June 15th, 1981. 

JOE SCARBOROUGH (CO-HOST): Two teenage children. Lived here for 30 years. Brought here when he was ten years old. 

MIKE BARNICLE (MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR): That is not the United States of America. That is not the United States of America. 

BRZEZINSKI: I wonder if they like these images out there, to frighten people. 

BARNICLE: In addition to that, what we just saw, what you told us about, you wonder how many of these United States senators, especially people like Tom Cotton (R-AR), how many United States members of the Congress, House of Representatives, how many of them have ever been to a citizenship ceremony and watch people literally in tears of joy at becoming United States citizens?


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