Joe Scarborough Slams Conservative Media's “Pavlovian” Alarmism On Obama's Gun Safety Executive Actions

Scarborough: “Nobody Got Any Guns Taken Away Yesterday”

From the January 6 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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JOE SCARBOROUGH (HOST): But Mike Barnicle, yesterday that was a scene unlike really any we've seen during President Obama's seven years in office.

MIKE BARNICLE: We all know people who know the president and who know that the president was shattered emotionally on that Sunday that he went to Newtown after the shootings. And that emotion, that sadness, that remorse, that anger, as he eluded to, has stayed with this man every day that he's been in office since then.

SCARBOROUGH: You see the frustration, don't you, in every press conference after every mass shooting, the president being frustrated by his inability to get anything done even when 90 percent of Americans support stronger background checks.

BARNICLE: Absolutely, Joe. And living with the knowledge that you have to provide more information to become a Little League baseball coach than you do to a gun show.

SCABOROUGH: Look at this. So if you're driving, a lot of people are listening to us as they drive into work. We're showing a Quinnipiac University poll that actually shows 89 percent of Americans support background checks for gun purchases at gun shows. Eighty-seven percent Republicans, 87 percent. And as other pollsters have told us, up to 80 percent of Republicans in early primary states, who vote in early primary states, support background checks. And, this is not a prediction. I'm just going to tell you how it's going to be. There are going to continue to be mass shootings. Terrorists are going to continue to do it over the next decade. And the things that I've been talking about on background checks and all of us have been talking about and the president has been talking about, Republicans, it's going to be the Republican position within the next two, three, four years. I say Jim VandeHei, one of the things that was most astounding yesterday was the reaction. The Pavlovian reaction from Republicans over a set of actions that really weren't far reaching. And even the White House will tell you, they were modest at best. He hopes he can do something to start the gun show loopholes so terrorist can't walk in and buy guns. But it wasn't even that, and I'm not knocking him, it wasn't that sweeping. Nobody got any guns taken away yesterday.


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