Economist Jeffrey Sachs slams Trump's “unbelievable” and “shambolic” tax agenda

Sachs: “This is Donald Trump trying to end the estate tax so he can pass along his wealth to his children”

From the September 28 edition of MSNBC's Morning Joe:

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WILLIE GEIST (CO-HOST): The president calls it a “middle class miracle” already. What do you call it? 

JEFFERY SACHS: I call it unbelievable that it took them eight months to write what should've taken about three hours. There's not a number here, there's not a table here. This has nothing to do with fiscal reform, this has nothing to do with fiscal conservatism. This is rich people that pay for the Republican Party wanting taxes cut. This is Donald Trump trying to end the estate tax so he can pass along his wealth to his children. 

This is shambolic. It's unbelievable that in nine months--

RUTH MARCUS: Is that a technical tax term?

SACHS: It is a tax-- of course. There's not a table in here. It's unbelievable. They don't have the numbers. What were they doing the last nine months? And (Rep.) Mark Meadows (R-NC) frankly, come on. He was asked why don't we do this-- have some hearings, have some testimony, develop something in committees, said we've been doing that for nine months. Mr. Meadows, get with it. 

This is not a Democracy right now. This is a disgrace and that's why, Mr. Meadows, your health care legislation tanked because it was done secretly. This is the same business. It's a game. This is not a plan. It's not a plan and it's not reform. 


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