Monica Crowley: Obama “Willing To Starve” Seniors “To Death”

Monica Crowley, the Fox News pundit and panelist for The McLaughlin Group, has a piece up on Andrew Breitbart's this afternoon purporting to “point out the ironies, hypocrisy, madness, and lies of President Obama.” Specifically she writes:

July 13, 2009: Obama speaks at a rally for ObamaCare, and in response to a question, claims that his plan won't “pull the plug on Grandma.” Hear it here.

Two years later, almost to the day:

July 12, 2011: Obama threatens to withhold Social Security checks if a debt deal isn't done by the Treasury's artificial deadline of August 2. He told CBS News' Scott Pelley: “I cannot guarantee that those checks go out on August 3rd if we haven't resolved this issue. Because there may simply not be the money in the coffers to do it,” he said. Hear it here.

Crowley concludes: “In two short years, he's gone from being unwilling to 'pull the plug on Grandma' to being willing to starve her to death.”

Actually, if you listen to what Obama said closely -- or at all -- you'll see that he really doesn't want the government to go into default and put entitlement payments at risk. He's not “willing to starve” seniors. No rational person would be. And no honest person would so grossly twist his words to make such an accusation.

Crowley's interpretation of Obama's comments to CBS as betraying a willingness to let senior citizens die is less an example of Obama's “hypocrisy, madness, and lies” than it is a reflection of her own capacity for lying and ugly, reflexive partisanship. Of course, that's nothing new for Monica Crowley; she once accused Obama of lying about being black.