MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell says his lawyers in defamation lawsuits have dropped him after he stopped paying them

Election systems companies Dominion and Smartmatic are suing Lindell for spreading false information about their voting machines

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Citation From the October 5, 2023, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

MIKE LINDELL (MYPILLOW CEO): Ten minutes ago all the lawyers we have for MyPillow and myself in the lawsuits with the lawfare with Dominion and Smartmatic, they just filed in federal court that – to drop us as our attorneys and this comes from the lawfare, basically. And from the media. The attacks on MyPillow, what American Express did -- just devastating our credit. We -- I -- can't pay the lawyers. We can't pay. There's no money left over to pay them. 


I don't know where that leaves us, but I wanted to get out in front of it before the media is gonna attack again. 


STEVE BANNON (HOST): Will this lead you to try to settle these? 

LINDELL: No. I will never settle anything, ever. I will never -- they've done this to keep me quiet. I will never ever be quiet. I will never stop fighting no matter what, and I will never settle with the evil that's out there. The corruption. And these guys what they have done to our country with these hiding, hiding what's inside these machines.

BANNON: Hang on. Hang on. The Murdochs settled. You don't agree with Murdoch?

LINDELL: Well, I don't know. Were they in on it? I say they were in on it. There, they can come after me too, I don't care. 


We do know Fox does not talk -- they don't talk about our election platforms. They don't talk about any election platforms. Machines or vaccines. Fox is silent. They're like a weather channel, Steve, where you can't report hurricanes or tornadoes, Steve.


BANNON: I'm gonna make a wild guess. I don't think this is gonna – I don't think media is going to spin this in a positive nature. I would get ready for an avalanche.

LINDELL: Absolutely not. I can't even imagine the things. The fall of Mike Lindell. We knew he'd go down because when – he spoke out for his First Amendment right of free speech.

You know, it's funny how they protect all of these machine companies. They protect the evil.


I'm never stopping talking about fixing and securing our election platforms.