MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell refuses to follow the COVID-19 testing and vaccine requirement for his employees

Mike Lindell: “I've said it before. I believe it's mark of the beast”

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Citation From the September 10, 2021, edition of Real America's Voice's War Room: Pandemic 

STEVE BANNON (HOST): I want your take to the American people right now, particularly the deplorables in our movement, about what Joe Biden did yesterday with these vaccine mandates and particularly coming into a company like yours, one of the finest entrepreneurial companies in the country, if not the world, being able to dictate to you and come in and do what they want with your employees. Mike Lindell? 

MIKE LINDELL (GUEST): Well, I had a lot of my liberal employees said they're going, what is this? And I said, you know, I said he's actually — the horrific stuff that came out of his mouth for our country yesterday is actually waking up more and more people, Steve. It's waking up more and more people. No one's going to do this. I mean, this is just — it's almost unbelievable. This is an Orwellian thing. It's a — it’s 1984.

I mean, this is, I interviewed yesterday, Steve, a guy from Australia on Frank Speech. And he said there, I mean, if they're like maybe half a year ahead of us, he said they have helicopters flying around looking for people, not wearing masks, not having vaccination. I've got to call in to Israel. I'm going to have a guy call and tell us how bad it is there. You guys, it's coming here and everyone's going, wow, it's coming here fast with the stuff he said yesterday.

If you think MyPillow there are 2,700 employees, they're going to force people to get vaccinations or take a test every other day or every week. And here's the nonsensical thing to who decides once a week? Who decides 100 employees, why not 50? Why not zero? Why not 200? I mean, where do they come up with this garbage? And then he and then he lied. Steve, he said, oh, there's 80 million people not, not vaccinated. Well, gee, that's kind of funny. That's how many votes Donald Trump really got. You know, it's probably more like 200 million people aren't vaccinated. I don't know a Christian out there that I know that's going to get vaccinated because it's actually, you know, I've said it before. I believe it's mark of the beast. If you want to take that vaccination, you go ahead. But don't worry about what I do then, because all of us that don't want to take it, we risk each other. I feel I'm more at risk. I know more people that have died from taking it than didn't take it.


BANNON: Mike, we got about a minute and we want to hold you over through the next break. When you say do not comply, just give me 30 seconds. When he said do not comply, how is MyPillow and Mike Lindell not going to comply with what Joe Biden laid down yesterday? 

LINDELL: Well, you know, I have lawyers looking into this. I've got so many lawyers, Steven, we're going to do — I’ve said this before. You can, you know, a lot of the stuff that they're doing in D.C., we were going to get a list of all these executive orders, but they're all getting fight at the court level. These judges, it’s even woke up judges that didn't that didn't have courage in the 2020 election in November and December, they’ve all waken up, Steve. And Donald Trump put in a lot of judges and you’ve got — we’ve got to fight this through the courts. But we also, you know, at MyPillow, what are they going to come and say? OK, I'm supposed to sit there at the door and say, have you been vaccinated? I'm not going to do it. I mean, I'm not. I'm sorry. You know, like they say, you had a guy on before. They said, hey, quit your job. Don't worry about losing your job. Well, I'm an employer and I think I put it right out there. Whatever happens to MyPillow, I put it right out there. If I — you know, I'm not going to have a company anyway unless I stand up for our Constitution now.