Mike Lindell: “I don’t think there’s a judge in this country that can’t say we need a new election down there in Arizona”

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Citation From the November 15, 2022 edition of Real America's Voice's War Room

STEVE BANNON (HOST): Mike Lindell. Mike, thank you for joining us.

Mike, I want you to connect. You're there for the big announcement tonight, connect President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, it's the lead story on the on The Daily Mail, and in the Kari Lake situation, it's zero probability that Katie Hobbs, hiding in her basement, refusing to debate, won that election, just zero probability. What's to be done, Mike Lindell?

MIKE LINDELL (GUEST): Well, there's a lot to be done, but yeah, I think it's  – it's just a divine intervention that today that the President will do this announcement and it's – everybody needs to keep the faith. I mean, this is all unfolding. We've caught them. They're absolutely caught, everything that was done in Arizona. They're caught.


We’re going to have our great president back, our real president, and we're also going to get – get to a place where we have elections instead of selections, Steve. And Arizona’s the tip of the spear. Kari Lake is not going to give up.

BANNON: When you say that, how – walk me through as you envision it – how do they possibly try to certify this election in Arizona, sir? How do they even try to do that?

LINDELL: They really can’t. You think of – all the lawyers now that are on this, you’ve got so many things – laws that were broken.

Arizona has been – the whole world’s been watching this. And they know that it was taken. We’ve got to get the word out now, what really happened, the citizens have got to get behind it and they all have to – Steve, there’s tens and tens of thousands of citizens that are looking for a place to reach out. They’re going to do sworn affidavits of what happened – I don’t think there’s a judge in this country that can’t say we need a new election down there in Arizona.

And not just for Kari Lake. Remember, they took Mark Finchem’s too, they took Blake Masters, they were all stolen. And I don’t care – doesn’t matter what anyone says, we already know this. We were watching it from the Edison Report, we were watching it cyberly and we were watching just blatantly, the citizens were all watching. So imagine having three different camera angles of a crime, when you have a crime of this magnitude committed, you can’t certify this election.