MAGA figure Mike Davis fantasizes about a Trump DOJ prosecuting Biden, Garland, and legal figures in Trump's trials: “There is absolutely gonna be retribution”

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Citation From the May 31, 2024, edition of The Benny Show, streamed on YouTube

BENNY JOHNSON (HOST): So all across my social media feeds, there are people saying that they will be voting for Donald Trump. They never wanted to vote for Donald Trump. They didn't like — they don't like Donald Trump. They never voted for Donald Trump before, and now they're voting for Trump to stop Marxism and to stop communism in this country. Now the Trump vote has become a protest vote against a rigged system. And this is the worst possible result. And this is why I think, Mike, you haven't seen the kind of squealing psychosexual orgasmic joy from the left. There's something that's been strangely missing from my timeline, which is what I thought would be the cringe cavalry of people celebrating this. That hasn't — I think there's like a clear-eyed sober moment right now where Democrats realize, at least the sober ones, realize what they've done here.

MIKE DAVIS (GUEST): Yeah. President Biden and his aides and allies have executed a terrorist attack against our American legal system. And they're like the Hamas people cheering after the terrorist attack, and they don't understand how much they have poked the bear. They are gonna get annihilated in this next election. On November 5, 2024, President Biden is going to get chased out of the White House and all of his aides and allies are gonna get chased out of the White House, and that's when the real reckoning begins on January 20, 2025. I don't think that President Biden and his people understand how much they have outraged, enraged, redpilled a lot of these Republicans who are the biggest cowards on the planet, these country club Republican types. These country club Republican types, after Biden's Hiroshima yesterday on the legal system, have — they have parked their Mercedes, and they've put away their golf clubs, and they've gotten out their — machetes. I mean, they are — I've never seen so many rich old white men outraged. And there's nothing more dangerous than rich old white men who are angry. Because they have the resources and they have the ability to actually do something about it. And so all these little woke cupcakes on the other side who do their stuff, they're gonna get crushed legally, politically, and financially. We are going to crush you after January 20, 2025, after what you've done.

And it's so much bigger than President Trump. President Trump just said this and he's he's spot on. This is so much bigger than Donald Trump. This is so much bigger than one campaign. This is so much bigger than one presidency. This is — they have destroyed our legal system because they are so deranged. Their Trump derangement — they cannot control their Trump derangement. They're like Hamas people who can't control their hatred of Jews. They can't control their Trump derangement, and so they let their Trump derangement lead us to this legal Hiroshima. And they're going to pay a price for this. They're going to pay a price. We already saw with Senator J.D. Vance from Ohio, he's done a criminal referral to the Justice Department. Merrick Garland, that little sniffling punk, won't do anything about it. But guess what? When Trump is back in office on January 20, 2025, there will be a criminal probe opened on this criminal conspiracy by President Biden, by Merrick Garland, by Jack Smith, by Jay Bratz, by Matthew Colangelo, Tish James, Fannie Willis, Alvin Bragg, Juan Merchan, Lauren Marchan, people on the outside of this lawfare too, like Andrew Weissman and the Lawfare crew. You will all be, at a minimum, key fact witnesses that we're gonna have to get discovery from in this criminal probe. So, save your documents, guys. We are absolutely -- there is absolutely gonna be retribution.