Mike Cernovich Argues He Never Named The “Pizzagate” Restaurant, Still Suggests It Is One Of Many D.C. Places “Where A Lot Of Pedophiles Meet”

Cernovich Has Used Pedophilia Allegations To Repeatedly Slander His Enemies

From the March 28 Cernovich News Live YouTube live stream:

MIKE CERNOVICH: The Comet -- the whole story took the wrong turn. The whole story took a wrong turn, guys. Just because people meet somewhere doesn't mean that there are things happening at a venue. Right? That was why I just said, “You know what? I'm done with this,” because the reason I was like -- that's why I never mentioned the place by name. I never mentioned the owner of the place by name, alright? So if -- there are places in D.C. where a lot of pedophiles meet, but that doesn't mean the owner is part of any kind of thing. 

Just like if you, for example, if you go to Shelly's in D.C., a lot of CIA people go to Shelly's in D.C., a lot of CIA does. It's a CIA hangout. So if you go to Shelly's in D.C., you better be careful what you tell me because I'm under surveillance all the time, right? So you can't say, well, because CIA goes to Shelly's in D.C., I bet you the owner is part of the CIA. No, it just happens there'll come a venue where a lot of people meet and congregate, but that doesn't mean that the venue owner is part of any kind of thing. It just means, no, a lot of people who are CIA go here and there's that, right? That doesn't mean that the owner is part of it.


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