Jim Hoft Announces That Trump Will Allow The Gateway Pundit To Have A Correspondent In The White House

From the January 19 Right Side Broadcasting Network coverage of the Deploraball:

JIM HOFT: The new administration, we've been in contact with. As you know, the Gateway Pundit -- I'm based out of St. Louis, Missouri, I have the largest website in the middle America, I have the largest political website --

MIKE CERNOVICH: One million people a day. Tell them.

HOFT: During the election, I had one million readers a day come to Gateway Pundit. Thank you, thank you. And the reason was because I was telling the truth, and the mainstream media was telling the fake fucking news.

And so, today, we have a great announcement to make. We've been talking to the Trump administration -- what was that? Real news, real news, real news, real news, real news. I love you, Pamela.

So tonight, we have this announcement, we've been in contact with the Trump administration, they're going to do some things different, and we've got their word that the Gateway Pundit is going to have a White House correspondent this year, and his name is Lucian Wintrich.


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