Newsmax host denounces “lunacy” Michelle Obama presidential speculation from Newsmax

Newsmax chyron saying "Democrat plan for 2024" with an image of Michelle and Barack Obama

Newsmax host Sebastian Gorka complained yesterday that commentators should “stop it with the Michelle Obama stuff,” telling his colleague Eric Bolling, “That’s just lunacy from the QAnon wing.” 

Gorka was referring to the rumors among right-wing media that the former first lady is waiting in the wings for a surprise presidential campaign. They sprouted up in the 2020 cycle and have so far been even more persistent for the 2024 cycle. Obama has repeatedly and emphatically denied any interest in ever running for any office. 

Though no names were mentioned, Gorka’s “lunacy” complaint may have been a direct response to the man hosting him. On January 9, Bolling confidently boasted that “Michelle Obama is going to be that last-minute Trojan horse” to replace President Joe Biden on the Democratic ticket. 

“In a sense, Michelle Obama does leave the door open,” claimed U.S. politics expert Nigel Farage, who put the possibility at 30% “at this moment in time.”

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Citation From the January 9, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling The Balance

After a New York Post opinion piece alleged that former President Barack Obama is the “orchestra leader” of his wife’s shadow campaign, Bolling claimed that her campaign “could be possible, maybe even a reality that seems more real every day.”

Though Bolling brags to have been on the Michelle Obama secret campaign beat for years, he is not alone at Newsmax. Another host, disgraced pollster Dick Morris, told Greg Kelly Reports just last night that the Democratic Party will force Biden off the ticket and “suggest that [he] nominate Michelle Obama instead.”

Claiming that Biden is too unpopular and Vice President Kamala Harris is even more disliked, Morris said, “The only solution to that, to them, is to nominate Michelle Obama. … I think there’s going to be a move to draft her right before the Democratic convention.”

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Citation From the January 31, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Greg Kelly Reports

On the Obama allegation, Morris found a receptive audience in Kelly, who also told his viewers in May 2023 that “very smart people” told him that the Democratic nominee is “actually going to be Michelle Obama.”

Obama’s path to the presidency is “very much in line with” her husband’s, Kelly claimed, because she keynoted the 2020 Democratic National Convention, just as the former president keynoted the 2004 convention four years before his campaign.