Trump-ally Michael Savage compares refugees and immigrants to lions “tearing the entrails out through the anus”

Savage: "No more jackals brought into America with tattoos up to their eyebrows”

From the June 23 edition of Westwood One's Savage Nation:

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MICHAEL SAVAGE: And it's brutal to watch lions hunting water buffalo, and tearing the entrails out through the anus, but I watch these things because it reminds me what life is all about.

We may live in a bubble of our humanity, and a bubble of our civility in our civil society, but all the time we see the predators out there. Either we are importing them, and they come here like the jackals that they are under the guise of religious freedom, and they tear us apart.

They tear our entrails out with their pipe bombs or their suicide vests, and we're supposed to sit there because the schmuck politicians tell us that we're racist because we want to live? They can go you know where. I'm sick and tired of cowards and psychopaths and drug addicts telling me I shouldn't survive.

No, no more jackals brought into America with tattoos up to their eyebrows. No more tear drops of death on the eyebrows, thank God Trump is throwing them out of the country. The world is at war, number one, for over a thousand years those practitioners of that religion have been at war with their own people and the whole -- the whole world, to the convert them. or kill them, or both.

Why would you want to bring them into this country, when the people are like sheep to the slaughter? It's a nation of sheep, and the only ones who can stand up to them are vilified by the vermin in the media, who hide behind body guards and steel doors. Other than that I have nothing to say about dogs who are dying.


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