Savage: “the Asians still chew 'em [dogs] up”

On the May 21 Savage Nation, nationally syndicated radio host Michael Savage expressed disdain for a newspaper article about “what breeds of dogs came first” that did not include that “the Asians still chew 'em [dogs] up.”

SAVAGE: [apparently reading from an article in USA Today] “Researchers have surprising news about what breeds of dogs came first and which dogs are more closely related.” What do I give a rat's behind about which dog is related? Why is this study done? All I know is we treat dogs very well here, and the great originators of the dog eat them. How come they don't put that in their story about 'em, the Asians still chew 'em up? In China they're in cages waiting to be cooked. Yeah, I know, you're not supposed to say that. All the quiet, sacred soy eaters over there.