Newsmax guest praises Republicans for engaging in “mini January 6 rebellions ... such as the school board meetings”

Michael Savage: “The dirty tricks by the Biden gang, including agent provocateurs, have only just begun. I expect several Reichstag fires to be set, so to speak, metaphorically."

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Citation From the January 4, 2022, edition of Newsmax's Stinchfield

MICHAEL SAVAGE (GUEST): Grant, I think it would be foolish to make predictions with dirty tricksters running the government media complex. I mean, I can make predictions all over the map. With [Chuck] Schumer and the Dems trying to subvert the filibuster and ramrod the end of voting rights, we will probably see the end of the republic as we know it unless they're stopped. Number two, the dirty tricks by the Biden gang, including agent provocateurs, have only just begun. I expect several Reichstag fires to be set, so to speak, metaphorically. Let's not forget who these people are. Many of them are criminals. Many of them are gangsters. It's all about the money. We have purposeful chaos, destruction, lawlessness, just like in the days in old France before the revolution. Grant, you'd have to agree that hatred is in the air. Since [Joe] Biden, [Kamala] Harris, and [Nancy] Pelosi seized power, we are living in an age of hate. And we must go on.

What can happen? Well, the mini January 6 rebellions that I see going on, such as the school board meetings -- this is a mini January 6 rebellion. I see a currency crisis emerging as inflation spirals. I see this question looming -- will the Dems provoke war with Russia, Which is really the biggest question. They look like they want it. It's a tried and true Democrat strategy when their presidents are in trouble. You can go all the way back and you can see this pattern. Will [Dr. Anthony] Fauci be on television 24/7, pushing Pfizer's newest and most expensive drugs and vaccines even when omicron is seen for what it is -- which is nothing more than a cold, by the way. And yet, this little sneaky weasel doesn't stop pushing the big lie over and over again to vaccinate young children.