Newsmax guest: The day is coming when they’ll say the Bible is “an example of whiteness” and it will be burned

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Citation From the July 7, 2022, edition of Newsmax's Prime News

JENN PELLEGRINO (HOST): You know what's it going to take, though to -- you see parents, obviously, speaking out, they're voting. What's it going to take to turn this around and eradicate this CRT that's, you know, invading all aspects of our lives?

MICHAEL SAVAGE (GUEST): By not being intimidated by these losers. They never belonged in the university system to begin with, I said this 20 years ago. Once you let people into a university who didn't get their based on merit, once they can't keep up, they'll start screaming it's racist because they can't keep up. So what you do is you lose all your ability to do chemistry, mathematics, physics, the hard sciences, and you have this garbage being taught as an actual legitimate subject when it is not. It is nothing but destructive ideology.

The day will come - and people listening to this show should pay close attention to me. I've had this prayer book with me since I'm 13-years-old given to me by my grandmother. The day will come, if it hasn't come already, where these losers will declare that the Bible is an example of whiteness. It's an example of whiteness and privilege and the book should be burned because it's only for white men. These people are sick. But they're dangerous.