Michael Savage says he doesn't appear on Fox News because “Hannity runs Fox News like a fiefdom and he’s afraid of me”

Michael Savage says he doesn't appear on Fox News because "Hannity runs Fox News like a fiefdom and he’s afraid of me"

Michael Savage
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Citation From the January 28, 2020, edition of Westwood One's The Savage Nation

MICHAEL SAVAGE (HOST): Speaking of Trump, they all want Bolton to testify. They think he's going to be the silver bullet they've been looking for. My guess is he will testify, they will get him to testify — and I don't think Bolton is going to say what they claim is in his book. But I could be wrong. We'll have to wait and see.

I'm the only one in the conservative media who's been on to Bolton for years. I told Trump not to hire him, right from the beginning. I told you when I was at Mar-a-Lago right after the election, that December. There was Bolton, circling the outer perimeter of the buffet. He wasn't even allowed near the buffet until the help had finished the pickings.

And Trump and I were having ice cream, and he said, "What do you think of John Bolton?" I said, "I would watch out for him. He got us into Iraq on false promises, fake news about weapons of mass destruction." I said, "Just watch out for him."

Well, okay, for a year he watched out for him. And then Hannity, in my opinion, pushed him on him. He trusts Sean Hannity in — just intuitively, he just loves Sean Hannity. I don't, I don’t. I don’t like Sean Hannity.

Sean Hannity is not only my competitor, but he's one of the dirtiest people I've ever engaged with in my entire life. He makes believe he’s a great American, but great Americans don’t do to people what he’s been doing to me. You ever ask why I’m not on Fox News? They have everybody in the world on Fox News. I'm one of the fathers of the conservative movement. In fact, Salon magazine, a liberal magazine, claimed that I was the father of Trumpomania. Why wouldn't they have me on Fox News? Because Hannity runs Fox News like a fiefdom, and he’s afraid of me.

And so why the president trusts him, I understand. He has a huge audience. He needs him. But watch out for people that you need, because they may disappoint you, Mr. President. The people you need are the ones that don't need anything from you.

And by the way, there's a man in prison named Michael Cohen, an attorney. Remember his name? One of Donald Trump's lawyers. Did you know he was also the real estate lawyer for Sean Hannity? Now, I’m not implying anything, of course. But Michael Cohen was Sean Hannity's real estate attorney. I thought that was very interesting. One thing you got to say about Hannity, is he knows how to pick his lawyers. They shared a lawyer, that's a very interesting question unto itself.

But then again, I'm getting off-topic here.