Michael Savage says that America is being invaded by “a far more virile people”

In the same broadcast, Savage calls for Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to be deported

Michael Savage: America is being invaded by "a far more virile people"

Michael Savage
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Citation From the March 4, 2020, edition of Westwood One's The Savage Nation Podcast

MICHAEL SAVAGE (HOST): Every nation on earth has a history, and every nation on earth is steeped in blood. That’s what I despise the most about the American left, who call white people racist and call us bad names. It’s the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard because most of them come from areas that were even more violent and certainly more vile than America.

You have a person like Ilhan Omar, who should be deported from America for what she’s done in this country. I don’t care that we gave her a free open passage here. Look what she’s done to this country in the short time she’s in Congress. Who becomes a congressperson and spends her every day hating the nation and calling white people racists. Who could get away with that? Who could get away with that in a nation other than ours which has been beaten to death by the liberal propaganda and brainwashing, so your own son doesn’t know what the history is of his own nation.

And we’re being invaded by a far more virile people than we have become. However, and I want to put a footnote to that, we still have our men who could stop this. They’re everywhere -- in the police departments; they’re in the military. If you don’t believe that -- tough men are not here, you’re wrong. They’re right here in the San Francisco Police Department. They’re tough as nails.

Oh I know that they put women in -- 5 foot 1, 4 foot 9, who can’t shoot a gun. But I once had a bodyguard who was a woman, who happens to be a lesbian, who was about 6 foot 3 and could beat up any two men I ever met. There is very tough people in the SFPD, but they have been hamstrung by the vermin who run the city. The psychopathic suicidal maniacs who run the city have put handcuffs around the police in New York, in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, wherever you go.

So we have the tough people in this country to defend us from the invaders, whether they be the MS-13 gang or other gangs. You know how brutal these gangs are? They’re the equivalent of the cannibals that I am talking about in New Zealand. They’ll kill men, women, children. Butcher them, chop them up. And they can be stopped, we have FBI men who could stop them, Secret Service. We have DHS people. We have special forces people who do it daily -- every day, that’s their whole job.

So don’t believe they’re not here. They’re here.