Using a slur, Michael Knowles claims “most Democrats want to genocide” babies with Down syndrome

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Citation From the January 25, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): The Democrat position on abortion, which is an issue they're leaning into, is not only heinous and wrong and evil and deeply unjust, it's also pretty unpopular. Not the position that they pretend to hold where they say, oh, I -- I love babies. I would never wanna kill my baby, but I just, you know, in certain very rare cases, when a threat to my life is presenting itself, then I might tragically have to accept it. That's not the Democrat view on abortion. They are lying when they say that. You wanna know what the Democrat view on abortion is? They -- they -- they just told us in a new Marist poll. The Democrat view on abortion is that when presented with a Down syndrome baby -- you know, you do a little test while the baby's in the womb and say oh, your baby's going to have Down syndrome -- most Democrats want to murder that baby. Most of them. The question -- I'll give it to you straight, so you don't think I'm hiding anything here -- do you strongly support, support, oppose, or strongly oppose abortion because the child will be born with Down syndrome? 56 percent of Dems say they support those abortions. Only 42 percent oppose. Not even close.

Which means that most Democrats want to genocide retarded people. Not all people with mental retardation, but actually a specific group of people who can be extremely high functioning, who according to every social scientific statistic will report higher levels of happiness, certainly than Democrats. They say we gotta murder those people. And you know the craziest part of all? They will attack me for just using the word retarded. It occurs to me. They certainly will attack me. There will probably be a clip from this segment from some left-wing outlet saying Michael Knowles used the word mental retardation in a precise and clinical sense. Yeah. Yes. That's true. I used words clearly to express something that exists in the world. You wanna murder these people. Are you kidding me? And they'll do it with a straight face.

These are the people who, if you eat meat, they will say, oh, you're so heartless. You would kill a cow just to make you a hamburger? Yeah. You would murder someone for having some mental problems. You would murder them. A little baby, actually. Not even, like, an adult who, you know, commits a crime or something. You would -- you actually wouldn't kill the adults who commit the crimes. You would kill the little baby because he doesn't have quite as many IQ points as you wish he would. Go even further. Ask one of these Democrats what they think about puppies. You say, hey, you think it's wrong to kick a puppy? Of course, it's wrong to kick a puppy. What kind of heartless cruel monster would kick a puppy? Okay. What do you think about babies with some mental problems? Oh, yeah. We gotta murder them all. Kill them all. Of course. Could you imagine how inconvenient they would be? They might not be exactly how you want. They might have a slight imperfection unlike all of us. We're just totally perfect. Right? Oh, yes. We're so -- are you kidding me? Totally sick stuff.