Michael Knowles: “Trump should violate this gag order”

Knowles: “Let them put him in jail”

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Citation From the October 4, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Speaking of speaking out -- and even assuming that Donald Trump, by the way, is not the Speaker of the House, Trump should violate this gag order. He certainly should violate the gag order. I'm not sure that I would have said a week ago that he should call the members of this judge's staff big libs, but now he must. He has to do it because all of these prosecutions are a ridiculous farce. None of them have anything to do with any crimes that Donald Trump supposedly committed. He's not being brought up on rape charges, give me a break, in New York. He's not being brought up on insurrection and call -- the evil, horrible crime of calling the Secretary of State of Georgia when you're president of the United States or this, that -- I don't even remember all the charges. Now of overvaluing his businesses, give me a break. He's not being brought up on any of that because they are crimes. He's being brought up on those things because the liberal ruling class wants to destroy the former president and current leader of the political opposition. That's all it's about. It's all just about 2024. And so, Trump has to speak out.

Let them put him in jail. Let them -- there are still some people, probably not you if you're listening to this show. I don't care if you love Trump, if you hate Trump, if you're a left-wing Democrat. If you are listening to this show and you pay attention to politics, you know that this is a political persecution. But there are some people, very unfortunate people who, perhaps, don't yet listen to this show, who naively think that these trials are really just about the blind law being evenly distributed to everybody, and Lady Justice wears the blindfold, and so Donald Trump, he's just gonna be held to account if he did anything wrong. Some people naively still believe that. Let them put him in an orange jumpsuit. Let him sit in a jail. Let the reality of this political persecution set in, of what a banana republic the Democrats have made this country into. Let that set in. I think it would help Trump's campaign. I think it would -- even if it hurt Trump's campaign, I think it would be good for the American political order because we would have to confront a very nasty reality, which is that we are no longer governed like a bill up on Capitol Hill and all the other BS you learned in your civics class. If we were governed that way, we are governed that way no longer, and we're not gonna fix the problem until we acknowledge it.