Michael Knowles says surrogacy is “gravely evil” and “every single adult involved in this should be imprisoned for life, at least”

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Citation From the April 5, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Intellectually, tamping down one's emotion, one can remove oneself and look at this as a matter of reason and conclude that, obviously, this is extremely evil and the entire industry of surrogacy — purchasing children, allowing two men, in particular, or two women or a single to create a child with the intention of depriving that child of his mother or father, this is obviously very, very evil and should be illegal, of course. Selling one's eggs, selling one's sperm, this obviously should be illegal. But if one has any degree of intellectual remove from this, one can say, OK, I understand, they know not what — forgive them, Lord, they know not what they do. They don't understand. They are blinded by their own selfish desires. They sincerely believe that men and women are not different. They maybe sincerely believe that a child doesn't need his or her mommy or daddy. They just don't know. They just don't know. I think that's probably true. And so one could extend a little bit of grace there. That would be the reaction if you — when you don't watch that video. That would be the reaction when you just kind of think about it in the abstract and you recognize that people are very confused and we have a very fallen world and culture and they just don't know the grave evil that they're committing.

But then you watch the video, and it's a little more difficult to extend that kind of grace because you hear the little girl saying, I love you, mommy. I love you, mommy. But mommy doesn't love her. And mommy sold her to two homosexuals who intentionally bought her, created her to deprive her of one of the most important connections that a human being can ever have, which is the connection between a mother and a baby. And the degree of trauma that that is inflicting on the little child is not only common sense and self-evident, but you can then hear it in a girl's voice. And when you see that, you conclude that every single adult involved in this should be imprisoned for life, at least. That's just the natural reaction that one has to this grave, grave child abuse that our culture tolerates now over the last five minutes and in fact celebrates.

And so, it's important sometimes, I think. We want a culture and a political order that is based on reason. OK? We don't wanna be just blown away on passions, but we're human beings, and pulling at the heartstrings sometimes helps us to see the reality of a situation. This is gravely, gravely evil. Everyone involved — the egg donor, the people purchasing the child, the people intentionally depriving the child of a natural mother and father — they are all committing — whether they know it or not, they probably don't know it, most of them — they are committing a grave, grave evil. And if it has already happened — grave evils happen all the time. People kill 800,000 babies a year in this country to use just the one example of abortion — if it's already happened, we do our best to just move on and make the best of a bad situation. But this process, the surrogacy industry, the purchasing of children on the open market, and the abuse of children to satisfy the selfish and irrational desires of adults and to satisfy the fantasies and absurdities of even politicians who redefine natural institutions, including the most basic political structure, that's only growing. This problem only stands to get much, much worse. There are already a lot of victims of it, but it's gonna get much, much worse.

And so, it seemed to me perfectly reasonable and the sort of thing that any — certainly any Republican or conservative politician, but really any politician who isn't just, like, an outright satanist, you know — who isn't just like the most low down dirty rotten completely out of his mind politician there is — everyone should recognize this evil and oppose it, and it's just gotta stop. And it's just gotta stop immediately. And that's that.