Michael Knowles: “A red state governor needs to have a red state secretary of state kick Biden off the ballot”

Knowles: “They can come up with some explanation”

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Citation From the January 5, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): A red state governor needs to have a red state secretary of state kick Biden off the ballot. I guess we could just skip the first step, go right to the red state secretaries of state, but the governors tend to have a little bit more political influence and a little more interest in the presidency. So however it gets done, I don't really care, but we need a red state secretary of state to kick Biden off the ballot now. And they can come up with some explanation. It will probably be a more credible explanation than the one that the Democrats have come up with for kicking Donald Trump off the ballot. And then you give the Supreme Court the freedom to say, no, no, you guys can't be kicking any presidential candidates off the ballot. We're gonna let the people decide. But you've gotta give the Supreme Court some room, some grace, some plausible justification that will appease half of our country, which has completely lost its mind, as to why they're gonna let Donald Trump remain on the ballot. If the Supreme Court can look as though it is being neutral on partisanship here and is just defending democracy, it's gonna be a lot easier for five or six justices or more to say, no, actually, Donald Trump gets to remain on the ballot. And the way to do that is to use the left's tactics against them.What they've done in Colorado is ridiculous.

What they've done in Maine is even more ridiculous. Yeah. I agree. But in war and in politics, your opponent has a say as to how things go. And the libs are really going there. The libs are really trying to prohibit the most popular presidential candidate in the country from appearing on the ballot. So we've gotta respond in kind, not in a way that's immoral, not in a way that's unjust. We've gotta respond in a way that will, one, be justifiable in and of itself, and I think as a political operation, this is. And then two, give the Supreme Court the opportunity to make a ruling that is just, that is within the American legal tradition, and that actually does defend democracy. That's how you're gonna do it. You wanna keep Trump on the ballot? Some red state secretary of state needs to grow some cogliones and kick Joe Biden off the ballot.

It would be very easy to do that. You -- there are so many crimes. There is so much evidence of corruption. There is -- you know, you could even -- forget about Joe Biden for a second. I responded to Jeremy when he presented this idea that I'm now gonna claim as my own because I wanna be the president of Harvard. I responded to Jeremy, I said, you know, no one claims that Joe Biden led an insurrection. He said, yeah. OK. Then forget about Joe Biden. Make it Kamala Harris. Certainly, we can say Kamala Harris led an insurrection. She personally fundraised for rioters and criminals who were insurrecting against cities around the country during the George Floyd riots. There you go. She was raising money, she herself on her Twitter account said, give us money to bail out the criminals, to bail out the rioters, the people who were sowing civil discord. The people who were, you might say, engaging in an insurrection. So OK. Make it Kamala Harris, and then Kamala can't appear on the ticket, and you don't even need to go after Joe Biden. But however you're gonna do it, give the Supreme Court the opportunity to say, this isn't about partisanship. This isn't about Donald Trump. It's about all political candidates of all political parties. You don't get to just be some two bit political hack in some random state and kick the candidate you don't like, the opposition party nominee off the ballot. Because that's not a good look.