Discussing adoption, The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles says surrogacy should be outlawed

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Citation From the March 21, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Every single society, everywhere until five seconds ago has recognized that men and women are different and we're both needed. Men and women both have something to bring to the world. The argument for gay surrogacy or gay adoption or whatever, is that, no, you don't really need women. You don't really need women in society. Men -- men are just as good at being women. It's the argument for transgenderism - men make great women. Dylan Mulvaney - he's just as much of a woman as any other. We don't need those other women. It's very evil.

Bad things happen, people's parents die. People are born into bad circumstances. And so, people make do and we move on. This is a fallen world. To intentionally create a child with the express intent of depriving that child of his natural mother is terribly, terribly evil. And most people don't know what they're doing when they do it. People have fallen into the surrogacy thing, in part because it's been so promoted by the culture and it's promoted by our law and they just don't know. And most people haven't given it a moment's thought. And so, they'll go along with it, even though there might be a little something nagging in their conscience about it. But it's terribly, terribly evil. So, contra, what Whoopi Goldberg is saying here, not only should we make jokes about it, but we should outlaw it. We should make jokes because it's so obviously absurd. And we make jokes about all sorts of dark things. But we should go further. Not only are the jokes appropriate, but they imply that we should do something to stop this grave, grave evil.