Daily Wire's Michael Knowles suggests “radical environmentalists” set the Maui wildfires

Knowles: “Catastrophic climate change or global warming or global cooling or whatever they're gonna call it tomorrow, is not real”

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Citation From the August 21, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): The wildfires in Maui have been absolutely devastating. 114 people already confirmed dead, an additional thousand missing. The island's most historic town, the original capital of the Hawaiian kingdom, has been burned to the ground. The main theory of how the fire started, the one that you have most likely heard because it's the favorite of the establishment media, is that it was caused by catastrophic climate change, which, of course, it was not because catastrophic climate change or global warming or global cooling or whatever they're gonna call it tomorrow, is not real. None of the apocalyptic predictions that the environmentalist zealots have predicted since the 70s have come true. The world has not ended. Humans haven't starved. Nations have not been wiped away. Even the polar bears are doing fine. More to the point, extremely slow and subtle changes in temperature, even if they were reliably occurring, do not cause massive fires in multiple locations at once.

A slightly more likely theory as to the origin of the fires is that the Hawaiian electrical company knew of a wildfire threat but waited years to act. Four years ago, Hawaiian Electrical declared that it had to do more to prevent its power lines from spraying sparks that could potentially cause wildfires, but they didn't do anything to fix it, ironically, because the company was devoting all of its focus to green energy production that did nothing but exacerbate the threat. But even that theory is weak, compared to the most likely culprit. Not just the most likely culprit in my mind, but, apparently, in the mind of Hawaiian officials. And that's arson. For years now, people have intentionally set fires all over Maui. As Maui Mayor Michael Victorino noted just last year, fire and police suspect someone is intentionally setting them. Just a couple weeks ago, Hawaiian police responded to two fires on Maui. One started by an unattended cooking fire, the other, apparently, intentionally set. Shortly after which point, according to investigators, quote, a male operating a green all-terrain vehicle was seen leaving the area.

And who would do such a thing? We can't say for certain who might have done it here, but we can say for certain the answer to who would do such a thing. And the answer is environmentalists, because -- here we are -- this is from the Department of Homeland Security -- Department of Homeland Security has observed for decades that radical environmentalists constantly start fires all over the country. Between 1995 and 2010, environmentalist groups set off at least 239 arsons and bombings in the United States. They do this because people are not taking the theoretical threat of climate change seriously enough, so they make that theoretical threat practical by setting the fires themselves. It's not just the environmentalists. This is what leftists always do. This is how all ideologues behave when their theories don't line up with reality.