Daily Wire's Michael Knowles: “Science is mostly fake”

Knowles: “The whole endeavor of the scientific revolution, the premise of which is that reality is fundamentally physical, that is flawed”

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Citation From the July 12, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): On the cultural front, a man like this should be ashamed to present himself in this way in public. We used to have standards and norms that discouraged perverted men like this from presenting themselves in these perverted ways, with the pink hair and the psycho affect openly talking about chopping up little kids. Men should be terrified to do that sort of thing. And if they have any of these absolutely perverted and sadistic desires, they should keep them to themselves and they should work on themselves and try to cast those demons out of their bodies. That's the cultural level of this, of course.

But then there is the even deeper level that I haven't heard a lot of people acknowledge, which is, this is yet another reminder that science is mostly fake. And not that scientism or the politicization of science or whatever other squishy language the more centrist, kind of, people want to grant. But the whole endeavor, the whole endeavor of the scientific revolution, the premise of which is that reality is fundamentally physical, that is flawed. It's not true. The modern scientific culture has given us certain nice things, but it's given us a lot of bad things as well, like transgenderism and transhumanism and skyrocketing rates of depression and anxiety and suicidality and a loss of the sense of meaning in this world and a neglect of the fundamental spiritual and metaphysical realities of this world. It's given us all those things. And it's also given us a ton of bogus scientific theory. Even taken on the plane of physical science alone, it's given us a bunch of bs. It's given us this notion that the world is gonna end in five minutes because of the sun monster and catastrophic climate change. That's -- that's a product of the scientific revolution. It's a product of a myopic, narrow, obviously mistaken world view where you plug in a bunch of models and, with all your genius people from Harvard and Yale and Princeton and Oxford, and they plug in their models and they say, oh, the world's gonna end in five minutes, and it's not true. And most people, even, who push these ideologies don't believe it.


We look back through history, we say, goodness gracious, can you believe they bled George Washington with leeches? What idiots. Goodness gracious, can you believe they gave women lobotomies? Oh, that's so crazy. Goodness gracious, can you believe this, that, and the other thing? Well, that's been true for the entire history of science, and it will continue to be true. Now we're chopping off kids' genitals and that's obviously much worse than any lobotomies we ever gave women. That's much worse than the -- the worst scientific experiments of the twentieth century. And it's gonna keep going on. It's not like we've figured out science and now we're all good.