Daily Wire's Michael Knowles says “guns have nothing to do with” Nashville shooting

Knowles: “The lethality of weapons has not changed at all”

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Citation From the March 28, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): When I was thinking about how to cover this story today, especially that it's so close to home -- Nashville's a very small town, everybody knows everybody. I know -- we were having some discussions about, you know, what one is feeling. And they said, I know you're probably feeling righteous indignation. I said, I'm not feeling righteous indignation, exactly. I mean, I get -- I'm -- it's -- I'm terribly sad. I'm furious at injustice. But I -- it was all just so predictable. It's all just so predictable. I guess that's where my, sort of, resignation comes in on all of this. Because what's going to happen now is the libs are going to talk about guns for a little bit. That's probably not going to go anywhere. They're going to try to ignore all of the inconvenient facts about this shooting, then they'll move on and they'll find a more convenient shooting. And then they'll talk about guns again.

Guns have nothing to do with this, have absolutely nothing to do with this. Guns have not changed one bit in the last -- you know what -- how guns have changed? The design of some of the rifles have changed a little bit. The -- maybe some of the rifles are even a little bit easier to use now. But the lethality of weapons has not changed at all. It's -- in fact, the most lethal weapons are harder to get now. When gangsters were using Tommy guns back in the early 20th century, that was a hell of a lot more lethal than whatever rifle you can go buy at Walmart today. The guns have not really changed. They certainly haven't become all that much more dangerous, if at all.