Daily Wire's Michael Knowles: “The GOP needs to focus on driving the white vote”

Knowles: “You're gonna get your highest returns by focusing on the white vote”

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Citation From the August 2, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Speaking of Joe Biden, Trump and Biden are tied nationally right now. There's a new -- new poll out. This is by New York Times, Sienna College so you can't call it a conservative poll. Trump-Biden, 43-43. What's the breakdown? The breakdown is much more interesting than the top line national numbers. Trump is leading among white voters by 10 points. It's a decent lead. Biden is leading among Black voters by 59 points. Biden is leading among Hispanic voters by three points. So, the -- the other interesting aspect when we break this down is that Trump has more support among his base than Biden has among his. Trump, in a huge field with 10 candidates, has more support in the GOP than Joe Biden, who is the incumbent, and theoretically should be running unopposed -- he's got Bobby Kennedy running against him -- than Biden has as an incumbent among his base. Really, really pathetic for Biden, and really bad news for the other GOP candidates. Trump in this contested race has more of a lock on his party than Biden does in, practically speaking, an uncontested race. That's a terrible signal for the other Republicans in the race.

But what is the message broadly for the GOP here? The message for the GOP is that the GOP needs to focus on driving the white vote. Trump's got a 10 point lead. Okay, that -- that's fine. He's got to increase that lead. Joe Biden has a 59 point lead among Black voters, and Black voters make up a much, much smaller percentage of the electorate than white voters do. So, any one or two point gain among -- among white voters is gonna -- would be worth 5 times that among Black voters.

And the GOP, I know we want to focus on the Black vote because the Democrats constantly disingenuously accuse us of being racist or whatever, and I'd love it if all the Black voters came out to the GOP. That would be totally wonderful. But as a matter of resources and effort, it's just a pure numbers game. It is much smarter for the GOP to focus on increasing Trump's lead among the white vote. And the Hispanic vote too, don't forget. 12, 13 percent of the population is Black. 20 percent of the American population is Hispanic. 60 percent is white. So, you're gonna get your highest returns by focusing on the white vote, your second highest returns focusing on the Hispanic vote, which is much more competitive, much more winnable for the GOP. And then, it'd be great to win over all the Black voters, but the vast majority have not come over yet and we've got limited resources, limited time. Focus on the whites and Hispanics if you want to increase your likelihood of winning the race.