Daily Wire's Michael Knowles: “The culture hates white people”

Knowles: “White people - it's the only group of people, racial group that hates itself”

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Citation From the May 9, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): We only allow ourselves to even discuss these kinds of ideas because the culture hates white people. Now, how does the culture hate white people? It's kind of the same way that the libs are alleging that a Hispanic guy is a white supremacist. And it's the reason that I don't totally mock that idea, because in theory, I guess it could be. In my experience, though, there aren't a lot of Hispanic white supremacists, but there are a lot of white people who hate white people. White liberals, generally speaking, just hate white people. White people are the only group that the law can discriminate against and the culture encourages you to insult. Also, it's a majority white country. How is that possible? How do we make sense of that? The way we make sense of that is that white people - it's the only group of people, racial group that hates itself. It's the only group.

There is not an epidemic of anti-Blackness trainings in Nigeria. Okay? There is not -- or among black people in the US. There is not a sense of Vietnamese guilt among Vietnamese immigrants or people in Vietnam. It's only white people that hate themselves for being white. It's really weird. I guess self-hating Jews too, as a kind of a more narrow demographic group of people. There is the stereotype of the self-hating Jew. But in terms of racial groups, it's just white people just hate themselves.

And it's very weird because there was a poll from Pew that came out some years ago which measured racial consciousness. And it said that 15 percent of white people think that being white is somewhat or very important to their sense of identity. 15, one five. For every other racial group -- Black, Hispanic, Asian -- the number was north of 50 percent. For Black people, it was north of 70 percent. So the white people, they are the ones who think about race the least, and yet they hate themselves. And that's weird -- it's not good.

I think white people have made this a perversion of the Christian virtue of humility. But humility and humiliation are not the same thing. Certainly humility and self-hatred are not the same thing. You have to love yourself. When Christ says love your neighbor as you love yourself, well, if you hate yourself, you're gonna hate your neighbor and society's not going to look very good. You have to have a proper love for yourself as an aspect of the natural law. That's how we -- that's how we get along in society and we don't just all kill ourselves, okay? It's a big problem and no one wants to address it. And you're not going to fix that problem by taxing people for the color of their skin.