Daily Wire's Michael Knowles claims the white nationalist “great replacement” conspiracy is “an empirical fact”

Knowles: “Foreigners are replacing the native-born population of the United States ... This is an intentional policy, and they brag about it.”

The racist “great replacement” conspiracy theory, which claims white people are being systematically “replaced” by people of color through mass immigration, possibly orchestrated by a Jewish-led cabal that seeks to rule the world through a so-called “great reset.” Versions of the baseless conspiracy theory have been spread among a wider swath of Americans by Fox News and One America News Network. Other right-wing figures have pushed the conspiracy theory into the mainstream with some minor tweaking of language. The conspiracy theorists baselessly claim Democrats are letting migrants “invade” the southern border, so that those immigrants will be granted citizenship and will vote for Democratic candidates.

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Citation From the October 24, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Over the last 12 months, the Biden administration has welcomed at least one economic migrant into the United States for every newborn baby in the United States. For every one new baby born in the US, you get one new economic migrant. Not some poor woman fleeing persecution, not someone seeking political asylum, not a little doe-eyed dreamer.

We're talking just plain regular old, often fighting age, often male economic migrants coming into the country. One for every newborn baby. One for every high school graduate in the United States.

The liberals always talk about a conspiracy theory called the Great Replacement, and they say that the Republicans are peddling a conspiracy theory called the Great Replacement, and it's, white supremacist, neo-Nazi, racist, this-ist, that-ist, and I can't quite tell -- what does that mean?

Does it mean that the policy of mass migration is being used to displace the current population, and because of declining, cratering birth rates among the native population, in fact, replace the native population with foreigners from other countries?

How could you call that a conspiracy theory in the face of this study and so many other studies like it? That's just an empirical fact. Foreigners are replacing the native-born population of the United States, and this isn't happening merely accidentally. It's happening as a matter of policy from the very top of the US government. When Joe Biden says, come across that border. Even when he sometimes contradicts himself and he says, oh, we're gonna build a wall. We gotta take care of this, but they're not actually doing that -- and sometimes they're explicit about it. And they say, come across that border. Yes. Flood in. Diversity is our strength. We're a nation of immigrants. We don't -- borders don't work. Walls are cruel. Don't -- come on. No human being is illegal. You're all future Americans. You're all dreamers. In fact, we are going to ignore the Constitution. This is Barack Obama admitting this. We'll ignore the Constitution and just give you the right to stay in the country. This is an intentional policy, and they brag about it, but then when you observe it and you cite statistics, and you look at all the scientific studies, you're a crazy conspiracy theorist, white supremacist, racist, Nazi. I don't know. Whatever.