The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles calls for indictments of “prominent criminal libs”: “You should trump it up as high as you possibly can”

Knowles: “They are going after our guy, let's go after five of their guys.”

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Citation From the March 20, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Pretty much every campaign finance matter is bogus because money is fungible. So if you give X amount of money to a candidate's campaign committee, that can land you in prison. But if you give ten times that amount of money to a Super PAC, that's totally fine. If one group gives money, it's okay. If an individual or a different group gives money that can be a big problem. So it's all basically bogus. But the reason this is especially bogus is that Trump is the candidate and candidates can give as much money to their campaigns as they want. So even if the prosecutors in New York argue that this was an improper donation to the campaign -- maybe it was done through a kind of improper channel, maybe the paperwork was a little bit off. But it's still Donald Trump donating to his own campaign. It's so patently absurd. It's so obvious that the Democrats here just want to stop the people from having a chance to re-elect Donald Trump because they're afraid that if Trump can appear on a ballot, they're afraid that if Trump can mount a real presidential campaign, that the people will vote for him. And so they're doing everything they can - they tried to disqualify him using the 14th Amendment. They tried to -- they had multiple suits to try to keep him off the ballots in different states around the country. They have tried to impeach him multiple times. They tried -- now they're trying to lock him into prison, from which place he could still run for president, but it obviously would hurt his campaign if he were stuck in a jail cell instead of holding rallies.

It's so obvious that these guys fear Trump and want to do everything they can to prevent the people from having a choice -- that this is the silver lining of this whole storm cloud. The silver lining is that I think we can finally dismiss, once and for all, all the ridiculous piffle that the Democrats tell us about our sacred democracy. Our -- Donald Trump and the Republicans are a threat to our sacred temples of democracy, our cherished norms. We don't act like this in America. We are better than this. No, you're not better than this. You're breaking all the norms. You are undermining our allegedly sacred democracy. You're jailing your political opponents like a two-bit dictator in a banana republic, which some of us conservatives have observed for a long time. So, okay, that's how they want to play, fine. I do not want to hear it anymore about our sacred democracy or any of that other stuff. Don't want to hear it one little bit.

What should the Republicans do in response? I think that a Republican governor or, more precisely, I guess a Republican attorney general, should arrest a prominent criminal lib. There is no shortage of candidates of prominent liberal politicos who have committed crimes. Look around the Clinton circles. Look around the Biden circles. Look at Clinton and Biden themselves. Plenty of big criminal libs out there who have completely gotten off the hook. And there are plenty of Republican governors and attorneys general out there -- I think you would need a Republican governor as well as an attorney general, because if the attorney general indicts a big prominent criminal lib and there's a Democrat governor, the Democrat governor will apply political pressure or eventually, probably, just pardon the criminal lib. So I think you need to have a Republican governor there as well.

But let's do it. Let's -- let's indict a big criminal lib. Let's -- let's indict two of them. That they are going after our guy, let's go after five of their guys. There's no risk here. Some people push back against this suggestion. They say, well, we're better than them, Michael. We're -- yeah, sure. I think we are better than them. I'm not suggesting we do anything illegal or unjust. I'm not saying we go after an innocent lib, I'm saying we should go after a criminal lib against whom the law has not been applied. The argument against doing that is that we want to preserve our norms and we don't want to live in a country where we throw the vanquished political opposition into orange jumpsuits. I agree. I don't want to live in that country. But the only reason for which we should be concerned about that norm is if the norm continues to exist. The libs are breaking that norm, that's not our fault. We have nothing to say. We're saying don't violate the norm. Don't -- don't start arresting the opposition leaders in our country. But if they're going to do that, then we've got to play the game. Otherwise we're just surrendering to the people who are abusing our political system the most.

So, okay, they want to indict Trump? Fine. I want to see every Republican governor and attorney general with the political capital, with the power to do so, to indict prominent criminal libs. And I think you should indict multiple and you should throw the book at them and you should find every stupid little fake misdemeanor charge and you should trump it up as high as you possibly can. Okay? You -- the reason that you have to do this, the reason this would be good for our political order is because it would show the libs that there are consequences to their actions. It would discourage further predations on our political order.