Daily Wire host: “Two men cannot divorce one another because two men cannot marry one another”

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Citation From the November 14, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): Now speaking of fake news, here's a story. Here's a real fake news story. This is one I truly know nothing about. I know nothing about, really, any of the people involved. One person I know a tiny bit about. Here's a story. Chris Appleton files for divorce from Lukas Gage after six months of marriage. Now, I said, well, Chris can be a woman's name. But in this case, I believe Chris is not a woman's name. Chris is a man's name. So, you're saying that a man has filed for divorce from another man after six months of marriage. And then here's the kicker, Kim Kardashian, one of Appleton's clients, officiated the ceremony and Shania Twain performed. So, none of that happened. None of -- like, something happened that involved these people, but none of the things that this news article says happened actually happened. Chris Appleton did not file for divorce from Lukas Gage because two men cannot divorce one another, because two men cannot marry one another, because marriage intrinsically involves sexual difference and the complementarity of the sexes. And Kim Kardashian did not officiate that wedding, one, because it was not a wedding, and two, because Kim Kardashian is not a priest, because women can't be priests. And because Kim Kardashian, even if she were pretending to be a priest, in this case, wasn't even pretending to have some religious role. And marriage has always been both a religious and civil institution. But other than that, the story makes perfect sense. Right?