Daily Wire host says the right to contraception was “invented” by the Supreme Court

Michael Knowles: “The liberal Supreme Court in 1965 just invented that supposed right out of whole cloth”

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Citation From the November 16, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): We in the United States have a dying population. We don't replace ourselves. It's literally a dying country. There are fewer Americans every single year, which is why we have to replace those who are not being born with mass migration. So, you've got a dying country with a dying Western civilization. And then what does contraception mean? It means divorcing sex from the purpose of sex, from the natural ends of sex, which is procreation. Which means what? It means decadent behavior. It means ignoring consequences. It means being more promiscuous. It means -- what does being more promiscuous mean? It means more broken hearts. It means more MeToo movement. It means more using human beings just as vessels for our own pleasure rather than actually giving fully of ourselves to another person in holy matrimony through a love that's so real that it actually creates another person. It means things go wrong.


The Founding Fathers didn't think there was some sacred right to artificial contraception. Right? The Supreme Court, the liberal Supreme Court in 1965 just invented that supposed right out of whole cloth. And they said, yeah, in the Constitution, somewhere between the 1st and 2nd Amendments -- I don't know. It's written in invisible ink. There is a right for married couples, but only married couples, to use contraception. And that was the rule. That was Griswold v Connecticut. And where was that right in the Constitution? I don't know. No one's ever shown it to me, but that's what the judges said, so I guess there it is. Seven years later, the judges revisit the issue and they say, hey, actually, no, we got it kinda wrong. Turns out between the 2nd and the 3rd Amendment, somewhere in invisible ink, is a right of unmarried couples to use condoms and stuff too. Where is it? We'll show you our work later, but it's, anyway, it's in there. It's definitely in there. And we should -- yeah. It wasn't -- we didn't get it totally right in '65, but '72, yeah, artificial contraception. Then what happens the very next year? Abortion. Roe V. Wade is discovered in the Constitution, the magical right to kill your kid. That was between the 3rd and 4th Amendments, I guess, in invisible link. But that's the logical consequence of it.If people are having what they perceive to be totally consequence-free sex, if people believe that they have the right to an activity without the natural consequence of that activity, then when the natural consequence of that activity crops up, as, of course, it's going to do, people have to invent another supposed right to kill that thing, to do whatever they can do, up to and including murder, to deny the natural consequence of one's actions.