Daily Wire host celebrates that new YouTube policy allows him to say “the 2020 election was obviously rife with fraud”

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Citation From the June 6, 2023, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): RFK Jr had been banned from Instagram, and Facebook has -- Facebook, which owns Instagram, has lifted that ban. Why had he been banned? Well, because RFK Jr is skeptical of the medical establishment, and he thinks vaccines are often harmful. And he thought COVID was, essentially, a big hoax. And you previously were not allowed to say that on a lot of social media, including Instagram. Now Instagram says, okay, he's back. He's back. That's fine. YouTube just came out, and YouTube announced that they are no longer going to censor people for saying that the 2020 election was obviously rife with fraud. I'm still hedging my bets a little bit, so I don't wanna make a declarative statement. I'm just observing that the new YouTube policy is that the 2020 election was transparently, obviously rife with fraud and we all know it. Maybe I stepped over the line there. I don't know. But YouTube's saying we're not gonna take you down for saying that. Okay. Great. Why? That's so strange. We're heading into an election year.

There are two reasons, I think, why big tech is starting to lighten up on some of the censorship of conservatives. The first one is Twitter. That's the one the rest of big tech didn't count on, which is that Elon Musk was gonna buy Twitter, and that he was actually going to be able to, for now, at least, withstand the forces of censoring conservatives, and he is going to make it, basically, a free speech platform or, at the very least, reinstitute normal standards of speech. So don't suppress the conservatives. I don't think they were counting on that. I think they're afraid that Twitter has a real opportunity to gain some market share there. And so Meta and Alphabet, you know, Facebook and Google and YouTube, are starting to loosen up for that reason.

The other reason, though -- that's that was the rosy reason. The more, I don't know, doer cynical pessimistic reason, I think, is that those issues just don't really matter anymore. Oh, yeah. You can talk about vaccines. You can talk about the lockdowns and all the fake COVID science. Yeah because we already did it. We already did COVID. We already locked it all down. We already made you inject yourselves with that experimental drug. Yeah. Okay. We already got you fired from your job. We got you kicked out of your school. Okay. And now the evidence is out, and you're gonna talk about the evidence about how a lot of what we said wasn't true. Yeah. Okay. Fine. Yeah. Oops. Oopsie daisy. Okay. Yeah. You got us. Right? We're moving on to issues that matter now. The 2020 election. Yeah. That's a -- who cares? That's over. We did it. Yeah. We did it. We got whatever strategies we wanted, whatever new voting rules we wanted, even if they were in contravention of state constitutions, like in Pennsylvania, yeah, we did it. And then the election happened, and then people thought about it, but then Biden's been president now for a couple of years. Yeah. Okay. You can talk about how there was a lot of fraud. Fine. Doesn't matter because we're moving on to the next thing.