Daily Wire host attacks parents who use IVF: “You don't get to claim a right to a child”

Michael Knowles praises anti-IVF efforts: In-vitro fertilization “invert[s] the natural order by insisting that parents, that adults have a right to a child”

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Citation From the June 14, 2024, edition of The Daily Wire's The Michael Knowles Show

MICHAEL KNOWLES (HOST): One last religion story because this is actually big news. The Southern Baptists yesterday took a vote to condemn IVF. I want to channel my inner Donald Trump when he was talking to Kanye West. I want to say, thank you Southern Baptists. Very cool. Extremely based. This is great stuff. Shows a great deal of perspicacity and ready bioethical insight.


Because the problem with IVF is, as they mention, in practice, it almost always results in the killing or perpetual freezing and eventual killing of a lot of babies. In fact, more babies even than it — than are born as a as a result of it. There are other and deeper problems with IVF as well, which is that even if IVF didn't lead to the mass killing of babies, as it does, what it does do is invert the natural order by insisting that parents, that adults have a right to a child. And this is a really big problem. We don't have a right to a child. The only person who can be said legitimately to have rights in the process of procreation is the child who has a right to his natural mother and father, to be the product of the specific conjugal act of his mother and father, mother and father bound together in marriage. That the child can claim a right to that. Parents don't get to claim a right to a child.

You don't get to claim a right to a child, in part because a child is a person. And this is one of the great evils of the IVF industry, and you see this, especially in the surrogacy industry, which is just a branch of the IVF industry, which is that it treats children, human beings, as commodities to be bought and sold in an open market. To not only be bought and sold, to be created and bought and sold on the open market through commerce. And that is extraordinarily degrading and contrary to human dignity. That's a problem.