Sebastian Gorka calls judge overseeing case of disgraced Gen. Mike Flynn “a bipolar schizophrenic”

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Citation From the May 13, 2020, edition of Salem Radio Network's America First with Sebastian Gorka:

JOE DIGENOVA: He wants to embarrass Flynn. He's already called him a traitor.


DIGENOVA: He's asked the government if he may have committed treason which is a disgusting thing for a federal judge to do. I think there's something wrong with Sullivan.

GORKA: Well, I think --

DIGENOVA: I think he's -- he's not -- he's not at Biden's level, but --

VICTORIA TOENSING: I was just going to say that.

DIGENOVA: But it's pretty clear he doesn't even know the facts in his own case.

GORKA: Well, not only that --

DIGENOVA: Can you imagine saying, asking the prosecutors from Mueller's office "Why wasn't he prosecuted for treason?" For heavens' sakes, he doesn't even know the facts in the record?

GORKA: Or what treason is.

TOENSING: Yeah, I mean, I hate people who accuse treason --

GORKA: And then the same day, the same day apologizing? That's a bipolar schizophrenic.

DIGENOVA: Yeah. Yeah, no, I think what you are watching is someone who goes up and down emotionally and mentally about a case.

GORKA: Right, right.