Before attacking the judge in Michael Flynn's case, Sean Hannity used to praise his integrity

Hannity and other Fox personalities loved Judge Emmet Sullivan -- before they turned on him

In recent days, Sean Hannity and other leading figures on Fox News have turned against Judge Emmet Sullivan, who is overseeing the case of former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. On his Fox News show on May 13, Hannity railed at Sullivan, even calling for a new judge in the case. Other Fox figures, like host Jeanine Pirro, have made similar remarks.

These Fox News attacks stand in stark contrast to how these same people praised Sullivan’s integrity previously.

The right-wing media machine is particularly upset that Sullivan ordered a hearing to resolve issues that arose as a result of the Trump Justice Department moving suddenly to drop the case, even though Flynn had twice attested to his guilt in open court. Further, reports indicate that key context was left out of the DOJ’s filing.

Put another way: It’s not Sullivan’s conclusions that are making right-wing media rage -- because he hasn’t made any. It is his decision that the resolution of the case be decided in a fair, open hearing -- and not through the corruption of Attorney General Bill Barr's DOJ.