On Newsmax, Megyn Kelly suggests Donald Trump can “sic the DOJ on somebody else, not on himself” if he's elected president

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Citation From the July 18, 2023, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): You the old saying, if you come after the king, you best not miss? So far, they've missed. This -- whatever they're doing seems to give Trump more resolve, strengthen his resolve and the voters as well. You know, I could feasibly see something where, even if they do get some sort of crazy conviction, the guy is still gonna get elected president at this rate.  

MEGYN KELLY (GUEST): Well, I mean, it's all about the timing, isn't it? Right? Because if he -- if they convict him on the Mar-a-Lago case or on this case, you know, DC Jan 6th, prior to, let's say he wins the presidency, he could be sitting in jail on election day and he could still win.

BOLLING: Can he pardon himself?

KELLY: I think he can. There's a legal debate about that but based on my review the authorities he can pardon himself. But even if he can't pardon himself, if he can get into office before the cases are resolved, he can pull the case back. He's going to be the person appointing the Attorney General of the United States, and I'm very sure it will not be Merrick Garland. And so, he can, sort of, sic the DOJ on somebody else, not on himself. But all of those are big ifs. I don't think that documents case is going to get tried before November 2024. There's just too much to be resolved about classified information, jury clearances, security clearances for Trump and his legal team. I mean, you can drag these kinds of things out for a year really in your sleep, Eric. And the speedy trial laws are there to protect the defendant.


KELLY: So I just don't think there's gonna be a lot of sympathy towards delay by the defense who says we need more time. We need, you know, take care -- I don't think the judge is going to want to keep the pedal down on that. And so, I think that case being the strongest one against him, I think it's good for him that Jack Smith overcharged it and that they're going to have to resolve all these legal disputes and the smaller matters before they get to the big nugget.