On Newsmax, Megyn Kelly agrees with Trump that migrants are “poisoning the blood of Americans”

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Citation From the April 4, 2024, edition of Newsmax's Eric Bolling: The Balance

ERIC BOLLING (HOST): It's crazy. And then, again, you point out that he — you know, Trump will say, I disagree with his judgment. Letitia James goes crazy. He's trying to, you know, he — we should bring him up on charges for that, or the E. Jean Carroll says she's a nut job for thinking she's going to keep $83 million then or $5 million, and then it became 83 million — they take what he says, and they blow it up — bloodbath. The other day, animals, he said -- he called the people, the illegals that came across the border, killing, you know, Laken Riley and others, several other Americans, he called those people animals. And somehow the left says oh, he's saying all illegal, all immigrants — they call them migrants are animals.

MEGYN KELLY (GUEST): Well, how about the one where he said the migrants are poisoning the blood. So, they're poisoning the blood of Americans. They are. That's true. I mean, I don't have to tell you about fentanyl and what's happening in our —

BOLLING: No, you don't.

KELLY: With our youth. The number one cause of death. They are. They're poisoning — pills that kids are taking. That's what he's referring to. The left won't talk about that. They won't talk about the open border. They just want you to focus on Trump's quote vile language, whether they're using it in context or not. The good thing is, Eric, I just have a hard time believing people really are fooled by it. I do think he needs to worry a little bit about suburban moms. And so he does need to fight back and clarify these things because it would be very helpful to Trump if he could get those suburban women. If he could get any piece of those suburban women who used to vote Republican back on his side, it's ballgame because he's already eaten into the Dem coalition by so much.