Megyn Kelly says Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott has “no control” over Sean Hannity: “He's way more powerful than her”

Kelly: “He is not going to listen to her, period”

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Citation From the April 18, 2023, edition of SiriusXM's The Megyn Kelly Show

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): My point is, no one since Roger [Ailes] could look at an anchor and say this is the way you will cover it. Trust me when I tell you Suzanne Scott would be laughed at by Sean Hannity. He's way more powerful than she is. Way more powerful. She has no control over him. Zero. Everybody there respects Sean's news judgement more than they respect Suzanne Scott's who used to run hair and makeup. I mean look, I'm not saying she knows nothing about news but Sean had been anchoring that show when Suzanne was literally in charge of hair and makeup. He is not going to listen to her, period. So we do have to look at his state of mind. We have to look at the speaker's state of mind and not just what Suzanne Scott thought.