Megyn Kelly on rumored shake-up to Fox prime time lineup: Sean Hannity is “not the answer at 8. He hasn't been the answer at 9 since Tucker left.”

Kelly: “They need to do something, I will submit for the record, this isn’t it, this is not it”

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Citation From the May 17, 2023, edition of SiriusXM's The Megyn Kelly Show, streamed on YouTube

MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Drudge Report is reporting right now that they have decided on what to do about their hemorrhaging 8 PM., hour formerly occupied by Tucker Carlson, that they will be moving Sean Hannity, currently at 9, into the 8 o’clock slot, and that they will then keep Jesse Watters in the primetime, which I believe means he’ll move to either 9 or 10 as opposed to staying at 7, and that Greg Gutfeld will also head to primetime. Greg Gutfeld is now at 11, it’s not really considered prime, prime is really 8, 9, and 10, so presumably they’re talking about moving him. If that’s true, one wonders what’s happening to Laura Ingraham who’s currently at 10. 

They reached out to Fox, the folks at Mediaite, and they said quote, “No decision’s been made on the new primetime lineup and there are multiple scenarios under consideration.” But I can tell you, having worked there, that Drudge always has the leaks on the line-up changes there. He certainly had the one when I moved to primetime long before anybody else did and he’s got impeccable sources inside the building, so I’d be surprised if he were wrong. 

They need to do something, I will submit for the record, this isn’t it, this is not it. They need a voice like Tucker’s and even that’s probably not going to do it because the audience is very angry and they miss Tucker. But, Hannity is not the answer at 8, he’s not the answer at 8. He hasn’t been the answer at 9 lately since Tucker left. 

We’ve been following the ratings, they’re hemorrhaging at 8 and 9.