Megyn Kelly Hosts Hate Group Leader To Announce His Ted Cruz Endorsement

Family Research Council President Tony Perkins: “I Believe The One Who Is Best Positioned ... To Lead This Nation ... Is Ted Cruz”

From the January 26 edition of Fox News' The Kelly File:

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MEGYN KELLY (HOST): Tonight, with just 48 hours to go until the debate, comes an endorsement that could be critical to this Republican nomination. Joining me now in a Kelly File exclusive, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council and author of “No Fear - Real Stories Of A Courageous New Generation Standing For Truth,” Tony, good to see you. So they all wanted you. You are an influential man in conservative circles in particular with evangelicals. So who are you endorsing? 

TONY PERKINS: Well, Megyn, as I promised, I would let your viewers know first. Let me just say up front, this is a personal endorsement, not from any of the nonprofit organizations that I lead. After looking at these candidates, talking with them, and I have many friends in this race, but I believe the one best positioned, best prepared to lead this nation forward pulling it out of the tailspin that this president has put us in, I believe is Ted Cruz. 



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