UPDATED: Dear Mediaite, is it smart to build an “exclusive” around a claim that “may” be true?

As in [emphasis added]:

Mediaite Exclusive: Censored Portions of Blago Subpoena May Implicate Team Obama

Then again, they may not. But you get the idea.

Mediaite concedes it doesn't have faintest idea if “Team Obama” will be implicated by censored portions of subpoenas with regards to the soggy Blago story that was thoroughly beaten into the ground by the Beltway press in late 2008.

But that doesn't stop Mediaite from posting an exclusive because it has a non-legal hunch the Obama team may be implicated.

Oh brother.

UPDATED: The NBC affiliate in Chicago has gotten into the “may” game, posting a report breathlessly repeating what Blago's defense attorney's --and Blago's attorney's only--claim Obama “may” have done.