Mediaite is worried about the National Enquirer's credibility? Really?

How did you spend your weekend? The folks at Mediaite spent theirs promoting an old, discredited non-scandal about the President. They did it based on a weak story from a tabloid news source, then spent the next few days updating and massaging the story, justifying its release and making it clear that their editorial judgement is essentially whatever Matt Drudge says it is.

For these transgressions, Mediaite is asking the tough questions: “Why Is The National Enquirer Wasting Its Shred Of Credibility On This Obama Story?”

They've got to be kidding. They have to be. Mediaite should be following the adage, “physician, heal thyself,” rather than acting as if they've got the moral high ground on the Enquirer here. Mediaite is trying to lecture the Enquirer on how to do journalism, but their recent work is ample evidence they're quickly running out of credibility of their own to shred.