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Citation From the April 17, 2024, edition of The Right View with Lara Trump, streamed on YouTube

LARA TRUMP (HOST): I want to be really clear, by the way, if we're talking about 2020 and we're talking about elections — I want to say this just flat out, for anyone who's paying attention, because I know there's some news outlets out there that like to tune into this show. 

I can fully believe, and I do fully believe, that there was some nefarious activity that occurred in 2020. I do not fully believe that 81 million people were so enthusiastic and jazzed up about a guy campaigning out of his basement that he got the most votes in American history — 81 million people. Don't believe it. Don't buy it. 


I do believe we learned a lot of hard lessons in 2020. I do believe we were caught off guard. We had no idea you could cheat in the ways that actually happened in 2020, so now, we're looking out for all of them.