Mark Levin: "Democrats will go wobbly and start talking about, look at the atrocities and so forth and so on that that are being committed by the Israelis ... they won't support the Israelis to victory."

Mark Levin: "Democrats will go wobbly and start talking about, look at the atrocities and so forth and so on that that are being committed by the Israelis ... they won't support the Israelis to victory."
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Citation From the October 11, 2023, edition of Westwood One's The Mark Levin Show

MARK LEVIN (HOST): And my great concern now is when we see -- when we start seeing Israel, which is a military power, exercise that power to eliminate their enemy, the enemy that wants to wipe the Jews off the face of the Earth and not just in Israel, that's when the New York Times, which covered up the Holocaust, will kick in. That's when their media will kick in. That's when the Democrats will go wobbly and start talking about, look at the atrocities and so forth and so on that that are being committed by the Israelis. In other words, they'll support the Israelis when they're victims, but they won't support the Israelis to victory. Correct?

SEN. TOM COTTON: No, that -- that's the the pattern we've seen time and again In the Obama-Biden era, Mark, you saw it in 2006, you saw it in 2008, you saw it in 2012, in 2014, in 2021. After a few days, when there are civilian casualties because Hamas and Hezbollah use human shields at places like hospitals and kindergartens, Hamas, to attack Israel, Democrats get wobbly and they waver and they start calling for proportionality and restraint. Mark, they cut the heads off babies. There is nothing Israel could do in Gaza that would be disproportionate. And if any child, if any hospital patient is killed in Gaza, it's because Hamas was using schools and hospitals and mosques for military purposes.

And Israel should do now in Gaza and to Hamas, what we did after Pearl Harbor, because I think that's the best analogy here is Pearl Harbor. We totally destroyed imperial Japan and Nazi Germany.

LEVIN: And did we keep a head count of how many enemy we killed during the course of World War II, senator?

COTTON: There were tens of thousands, Mark. Not -- and some on many nights, on many nights. And that -- I'm -- I mean conventional bombing. Not Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but on many nights in places like Tokyo and Dresden, we killed tens of thousands to win that war. And although Israel, no more than you or I, doesn't want to see civilian casualties, in the end, this is war. And civilian casualties result in places like Gaza because Hamas uses them to protect itself and protect its military infrastructure. There are reports now even that Hamas is refusing to allow civilians in Gaza to relocate to what the Israeli Defense Forces are identifying as safe zones because they want civilian casualties.

LEVIN: And the American media know it. They 100 percent know exactly what's going on here. Can we just admit, senator, the American media is anti-Israel? Isn't that the bottom line, starting with The New York Times?

COTTON: I think large segments of our media are objectively anti-Israel, just like large segments of the Democratic Party. Remember, Mark, on the way out the door at the end of 2016, the Obama administration refused to veto yet another anti-Israel resolution In the United Nations Security Council, something that administrations of both parties had done for decades. Barack Obama openly said said that he wanted to have daylight between the United States and Israel, and we saw what that brought us. And you saw with Donald Trump, when there's no daylight between the United States and Israel, what you got? It wasn't an inflamed Arab street, it wasn't rising., it was peace and stability. Because when America is strong and resolute in the defense of our interests and our friends, our enemies are fearful.

LEVIN: And I might add, senator, that these same terrorists, they can give their groups different names, killed 3,000 American citizens on one morning, killed an enormous number of our soldiers, horrific casualties. You can see it on TV every day what took place here. This is our enemy too, and we have a wide open border. And I predict -- it's not that I'm Nostradamus, it's pretty obvious that one day, we're gonna get a horrific hit. People here to point fingers, and we know what the problem is. Senator, I can tell you're playing with your kids. That is wonderful. And I want to let you go play with your kids. I have a hard break anyway.

COTTON: Well, Mark, thank you. I I'm I'm at a Little League ballgame tonight, and I -- I thought about not accepting the invitation. But I thought, you know, I wanted to come on because we're blessed to live in this country and be able to go to the little league ballgame --

LEVIN: Yeah.

COTTON: -- Or sleep, even sleep at home safely not knowing that we have murderous, bloodthirsty savages on our border who would break into our country, who would massacre our children. And what I am able to do tonight, what all these other parents or children are able to do tonight is what Israeli parents are not able to do tonight. And that's why we have to stand four square with Israel in this coming war.

LEVIN: God bless you, senator. You're terrific.