Mark Levin: Jake Tapper is "a self-hating Jew" for questioning an Israeli spokesman about "thousands of innocent people, including women and children and babies that Israel has killed."

Mark Levin: Jake Tapper is "a self-hating Jew" for questioning an Israeli spokesman about "thousands of innocent people, including women and children and babies that Israel has killed."
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Citation From the December 5, 2023, edition of Westwood One's The Mark Levin Show

MARK LEVIN (HOST): I want to thank Hank Berrien over at the Daily Wire. I don't expect these things, but when they happen I try to give the credit where credit is due. I posted, early this morning, the following -- and before I get to that, Hank writes, in a single tweet, best selling author and news analyst Mark Levin shredded CNN's Jake Tapper for his anti-Israel reporting. Levin began be began by noting Tapper trying to bully an Israeli spokesman by saying, quote, there are a lot of innocent people being killed by bombs that Israel's raining down upon Gaza, and even if -- and I know the IDF believes that Israel has killed five thousand members of Hamas, that's thousands of innocent people, including women and children and babies that Israel has killed. Even if it's an accident, even if it's collateral damage, it's a lot of innocent lives that have been killed by Israel.

Now, this is a self-hating Jew. And keep in mind, it was CNN and the likes of Tapper and those guys who pressed the White House to call me an anti-Semite for calling out Tapper and Wolf Blitzer, over a "did he say were, or weren't?" But they won't call Gillibrand an anti Semite on CNN. Why is that? She said a lot of lousy things right there on CNN. Why don't they go to the White House and ask the White House to call her an anti Semite? Because the White House won't. Neither will CNN management, because they're a complete farce. But let's go on.

Then Levin went to work. Quote, Tapper's self righteous moral outrage does not extend to all the countries around the world, and particularly in the Middle East, where civilians are being intentionally targeted for slaughter from Syria and Iran to Yemen and beyond. It does not extend to the several million Muslims in China who've been shipped to concentration camps where they are raped, tortured, and murdered. It does not extend to Russia, which is specifically targeting Ukrainian civilians for annihilation, lilling tens of thousands of them and on and on. "Well, you know, we did mention it way back in, July 7th" -- okay, got it.

He quoted Tapper claiming Israel's raining bombs down on Gaza, then fired -- no, it's not. If Israel wanted to rain bombs down on Gaza, It would not be sending tens of thousands of its young men and women into Gaza, the IDF infantry, to fight street by street, house by house, room by room, thereby increasing Israeli casualties as it seeks to limit civilian casualties. It wouldn't be dropping leaflets, sending text messages, dropping bump bombs, etcetera, warning Palestinians to get out of harm's way. Name another military on the face of the earth that does this, he challenged Tapper. Name another country on the face of the earth that would show such restraint after its girls were gang raped and executed, after its babies were decapitated, after a hundred of its citizens were taken hostage from a 10 month old infant to an 89-year-old holocaust survivor, most of whom have been tortured, and many of whom, the women and girls in particular, will not be returned as they can't tell the world how they were horribly abused.

Israel must be wiped out -- Israel, excuse me, must wipe out the Palestinian terrorists who named themselves Hamas. They are Palestinian terrorists, which was voted into power by the Palestinians in Gaza, who were overwhelmingly supported by the Palestinian civilians, not only in Gaza, but in Judea and Samaria according to a serious survey conducted a few weeks ago of the Palestinians in these areas, and who support the slaughter of Israeli Jews on October 7 and their annihilation. They said so. Then I turn back to Tapper.

He writes, Tapper has never gone through this report with his audience because he's pushing a narrative and projecting his own bigotry, which belie the report's findings and, of course, what most serious observers have always known to be true. At no time does Tapper explain how he would destroy these terrorists without harming civilians, given that Hamas wants its own civilians killed in order to influence Tapper's reporting and the rest of the American media. The fact is that every death is on the head of Hamas, not the Israeli Defense Forces, wrote Levin, but Tapper continues to berate Israeli officials. He would just assume Israeli citizens face endless acts of terrorism as they have since 1948, and they have for thousands of years before that, because that is the outcome if Israel does not destroy Hamas. Hamas itself has said it will never stop, and that October 7 was a dry run for worse. In other words, it is one thing to proclaim "never again," but when the Israeli Jews actually take affirmative steps to prevent future atrocities against themselves, they are perpetrators and oppressors, no better than the marauding terrorists who seek to wipe them out.

If Tapper and his ilk were serious journalists, they would spend at least 10 percent of the time they used to attack Israel, or 5 percent of the time, they used to attack Donald Trump explaining that the Biden administration has waived sanctions against Iran, has continued funding UNRWA, which in turn funds Hamas, which the UN refuses to label a terrorist group, and continued funding the Palestinian Liberation Organization founded by Arafat, all terrorists and terrorist-supporting entities. Biden saved the Iranian regime, their economy, rearmed its military, despite the fact that it also sought to assassinate former secretary of state Mike Pompeo And former national security adviser John Bolton, and killed and maimed thousands of American soldiers in Iraq. Biden is funding terrorism directly and indirectly, and Iran is pouring money and armaments into Gaza and supporting terrorist operations in Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, etcetera, to be used for the purpose of killing Israeli Jews and others.

Tapper's small audience might benefit from this information, rather than his constant self righteous tirades and blaming the Israelis. Biden and Blinken blew up the Middle East as a direct result of their policies. And they blew up Trump's policies, which led to the Abraham Accords, Iran's unraveling, Israeli-Saudi relations, and much more. Indeed, As Iran attacks American and armed forces through proxies today, thus far, Biden has done nothing serious to punish that regime and protect our men and women.

That Tapper hates Trump. He supports Biden and the Democrat Party and the disastrous foreign policy of Obama that continues to to this day to his former staffers of the Biden regime. Tapper is not a serious journalist. He has a long resume of working for Democrats and Democrat causes, an immediate background that includes working with a radical left-wing media website called Salon.

His true purpose is to provide propaganda for the left, to stop Israel from winning a war it did not start, to turn Israeli restraint into Israeli oppression and barbarism, and, quote, unquote, cover the war through the lens of the perpetrators. And he does it with sanctimony and self-righteousness, and under cover of a so-called news organization, CNN. Of course, like the rest of the media, he denounces what happened on October 7th and Hamas, but then condemns Israel for -- condemns Israel from trying to prevent a future October 7th the only way it truly can, by defeating a monstrous enemy that commits war crimes as a purposeful strategy for destroying a democracy and civil society generally.

If October 7 doesn't prove this point to someone like Tapper and the pro Hamas protesters in our colleges and streets, and Hamas's own mission statement underscores it all, then nothing will.

Tapper's sympathy for Israelis ended soon after October 7th, as he and his network predictably turned against the Israeli defenders as they have in the past. Indeed, as most of the rest of America's media has. Now they use moral equivalency or worse to push their narrative and project their agenda. Thankfully, the media do not represent the American people. They represent a small but powerful group of self-appointed elitists and leftists who could be counted on to root against Israel as they root against America. Israel will survive if it rejects these media reprobates and the suicidal demands of the Biden regime. That's what I wrote and posted this morning, and Tapper is illustrative of the rest of them. And it's grotesque.