Mark Levin: "If you're a Marxist, you cannot be a practicing Jew," and American Jews calling for a ceasefire are "Jewish by birth, but they're not Jewish in any other way ... I call some of these people self-hating Jews."

Mark Levin: "If you're a Marxist, you cannot be a practicing Jew," and American Jews calling for a ceasefire are "Jewish by birth, but they're not Jewish in any other way ...  I call some of these people self-hating Jews."
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Citation From the November 20, 2023, edition of Westwood One's The Mark Levin Show

MARK LEVIN (HOST): I wanna talk to you about something that, if you even mention it becomes controversial, but I can't help that. We now live in a world where, quite frankly, the Marxist left and the Democrat Party control the media. They control the culture. They control the rhetoric. And I won't lay down for this. I won't even lie down for this, because the truth is the truth. Now what do I mean by that?

Let me start it this way. If you're a Marxist, you cannot be a practicing Jew or a practicing Christian or a practicing anything. Because Marx -- we'll work on it -- because Marxism, by definition, rejects faith, rejects God, rejects different points of view. Every Marxist regime, whether it's North Korea, Cuba, the old Soviet Union, the only so-called religious institutions they tolerate are those that they control and that support them. Other than that, no. And that is why many of these Marxist leaders want their photos placed in these churches and so forth.

I just saw a report where Bernie Sanders is demanding that any aid to Israel be conditioned on basically destroying Israel. And in that report, they said Bernie Sanders, who's Jewish -- Jamie Raskin is quoted all over the place, and Jamie Raskin, as well as another cabal of Marxists in the House who were Jewish, are demanding that Israel unilaterally cease fire. A guy named -- a guy by the name of Noam Chomsky, in my view, is a Marxist, e helped form one of these Jewish groups that you see, the Capital a month or so ago and so forth -- and they're Jewish by birth, but they're not Jewish in any other way.

You have a guy called Thomas Friedman at the New York Times, I'm gonna talk a little bit more about him a little later, who writes these unhinged columns. And when he writes to them about Israel, they all have the same thread. It's repetitive. It's almost illiterate, yet he gets these Pulitzer Prizes -- that the state of Israel shouldn't exist as it exists now, that if you elect anybody but radicals to that government, that the government's illegitimate and should be overthrown and on and on and on, the same Thomas Friedman who was praising communist China not too long ago.

If you're a Marxist, or if you embrace Marxism in one form or another, you cannot be pro-Israel. And Marx writes about violent revolutions. Violent revolutions. Overthrowing the status quo.

Most Marxists are also anti-Semites. Now, you might say, "But some of them are Jews. I mean, Mark, you just talked about Bernie Sanders" -- Bernie Sanders is one of the leading Israel-haters in our country. Noam Chomsky insists on the destruction of Israel. Jamie Raskin's father, Marcus Raskin, was very close to the old Soviet Union, and I would argue he was a communist. Mister Raskin has been invited on here multiple times, and he's free to debate it, but his father was hard, hard left.

So, when your worldview is not based on your faith, you're born a Jew, you don't have any control over being born a Jew or whatever you're born -- when your relative is based on a tyrannical ideology, everything else is secondary. In fact, nothing else matters.

This is what I mean when I call some of these people self-hating Jews. Is Judaism an ethnicity? Is it a faith? What is it? In my view, it's both. And so, if you're a Marxist, you're Jewish by ethnicity, by birth, but you're not Jewish by belief system. There aren't a whole lot of Orthodox Jews who are Marxists. Just aren't. And you can look at your own faith if you're not Jewish. You can see the same thing. Most truly faithful Catholics could never be Marxists. Most Marxists could never be truly faithful Catholics, and vice-versa. And -- and down the list. And so when I talk about self hating Jews, I come under a horrendous attack.