Mark Levin defends illegal Israeli settlements: "Many of the Native Americans were brutalized too. So, whatever."

Mark Levin defends illegal Israeli settlements: "Many of the Native Americans were brutalized too. So, whatever."
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Citation From the October 26, 2023, edition of Westwood One's The Mark Levin Show

MARK LEVIN (HOST): So here we are, ladies and gentlemen, just three short weeks after the slaughters of the Jews in Israel and Netanyahu's being blamed because he won't support a two-state solution, they keep expanding settlements. Now, what's a settlement? Settlers, you know?

Let me see if I can explain this by applying American history. Go West, young man. Go West. The wagon trains, as people from the East moved West and were encouraged to do so by their government, many of them were slaughtered by the Native Americans. Am I allowed to say that, mister producer? I don't know that I am. Is that okay? May I say -- I think I will. And many of them were brutalized.

And by the way, many of the Native Americans were brutalized too. So, whatever. And so today, the Andrea Mitchell of the world would say that the indigenous peoples for all these parts of the country are the Native Americans. The Native Americans. Would you call the Native Americans the settlers in the West, mister producer? I don't think so. How can they be the settlers in the West? They are the Native Americans. They were the indigenous peoples.  Now actually, you can go further back, but I don't need to get into that. I'm just making a point.

So here we have land, Judea and Samaria, that was never Arab. Never ever, let alone quote-unquote "Palestinian." And they keep calling it the West Bank because they don't want you to know that it's Judea and Samaria, those of you who read the Bible. Because who was in Judea and Samaria 4,000 years ago? The Jews. The Jews, and finally the Romans forced them out. It's why the Second Temple is so important, among other reasons. The siege on the Second Temple, which took about 5 years, the Jews were slaughtered, those who could escape escaped. The Ottoman Empire knew this, and I've explained this. 100 years ago or so as they were collapsing, they had, really, control over much of that area for several hundred years. But they basically lost control of their empire. And so, they decided to divide it up in a broad way, and they wanted a certain amount to go to these people, a certain amount to go to these people, and  about 40% to go back to the Jews. The indigenous peoples, if you will.

But the Arabs wouldn't accept that. So, in 1948 they attacked the Jews. Among them was Jordan. It was called Transjordan. Jordan was created by the Ottoman Empire. There was no Jordan. There was no country Jordan. There was no monarchy. The Hashemite Monarchy, they created it out of thin cloth just as they created Saudi Arabia. There was no Saudi Arabia. These were bedouins. And now, Andrea Mitchell, who is a historic illiterate illiterate in many things, "How can -- how can there be a coalition for peace when, you know, they keep expanding the settlements in the West Bank? And Netanyahu doesn't really believe in a two-state solution." The Israelis have offered a two-state solution for 75 years once Israel was finally established, and the Arabs never took them up on it.