Mark Levin defended fuel blockade that threatened lives of Palestinian children, asked "Did we provide fuel to the Taliban?"

Mark Levin defended fuel blockade that threatened lives of Palestinian children, asked "Did we provide fuel to the Taliban?"
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Citation From the October 25, 2023, edition of Westwood One's The Mark Levin Show

MARK LEVIN (HOST): Chris Murphy is a democrat from Connecticut. I very much despise this man because he's a fraud and a phony. But here he is on with Poppy Harlow at CNN, today. Cut eight, go.


POPPY HARLOW: But at the same time, the WHO is specifically laying out because of this lack of power, even 130 premature babies they said are at risk of dying. Is it a mistake for Israel not to allow fuel in?


LEVIN: Let's just -- let's just stop a minute. These people don't even give a crap about people being murdered in our streets every day, or the horrendous numbers that pile up in Chicago, They don't give a crap about all the fentanyl coming across our border, killing 100,000 young Americans every year. They don't give a crap about any of it. All of a sudden, they're concerned about babies. Hamas wasn't concerned about babies in the Gaza Strip. They weren't concerned about them at all.

And there's been more talk, more talk about the poor Palestinians in Gaza, where Hamas has a gun to their heads, where Egypt won't let them out., where Qatar is funding Hamas, where Turkey is holding their leaders and Qatar is holding them in 5 star hotels -- more talk than about the slaughter of the Jews, which apparently has been forgotten now. You know, as time goes on, the media can process these things.

Now, everybody knows from experience -- It's not a first time, a one off, that when you send food and medicine and fuel in the Gaza, there is simply no way to sure that it gets to quote-unquote "the people." And they know as a matter of fact that Hamas raised these UN sites and others. And steals the food, steals the medicine, and they stole the fuel in 2014. So, the Israelis who are likely going to send their own young people to war in horrendous situations and conditions are saying, "Hey, don't we get to defend our people? Don't we get to make sure our our young men aren't dying all over the place? We didn't start this."

But that's CNN and Poppy a-hole -- what's her name? Harlow -- a-hole. Now let's see what Chris Murphy, the Democrat senator from Connecticut has to say. Go.


CHRIS MURPHY: It is -- fuel has to be let into Gaza, period, stop. The consequences --


LEVIN: There you go, period, stop. That's it. "We're only telling you the IDF" -- I haven't heard a word from this administration or a single Democrat in Congress, not one, about how many Israeli soldiers are going to die fighting a war this way. With the Biden administration and the Democrat parties foot on their throat.

Did we provide fuel to the Taliban, mister producer? I mean, before Biden came in, where we provided them with everything. But did we -- no, America. Did we, after 9/11, did we say, hey, look. The children, the citizens, we need to provide medicine and food and fuel to the Taliban and Al Qaeda wherever it is? Because, you know, we're humane. We're not like the terrorists. This is sick. Getting sicker, and getting insane.