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Citation From the January 6, 2021, edition of Fox News’ The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino

MARTHA MACCALLUM: We continue to get messages from people inside the building, and reports that a lot of the members of the Senate and House are sort of on their own at this point and hunkered down. Several of them sent staff out as soon as they had an indication that there was a problem inside. So, this is just a really extraordinary situation. I mean, that word just doesn't seem to fit what we’re watching at this point. There are, there’s a lot coming across on Twitter, and I know we have to be careful about it, because you know, but so far the things that we've heard have turned out to be verified later on. But there’s clearly pressure on the actual chamber, and that is something that they’re trying to protect the sanctity of at this point in a very forceful way, which is of course understandable given the fact that people are now in this building.

And also, I just keep going back in my mind to Griff Jenkins speaking with that man on the street. I think a lot of this is that they were promised something. These people were told that today was going to overturn the election. And when you hear the passion in their voices, you can understand why they are severely disappointed. Now, we’re going to talk a lot about whether those ideas ever should have been elevated for them.

But the pressure on the vice president in the past few days has been extraordinary. And now, he was the first person who was ushered out of that chamber to safety, because he is under an enormous amount of pressure for the decision that he made, and the expectation that so many of these people had for what he was going to do. So, put yourself in his shoes at this moment, very frightening time to be sure for him.